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EditThis entry was posted in Uncategorized. What filters are you using to protect yourself from the thousand bits of information which hits you daily? Posted on October 7, 2014 Updated on October 7, 2014 What do you do with the information and feelings that you receive all day long?The manager who ‘deals’ with you; the FB messages you read; the body language of those you can’t stand but words are not exchanged; the terrible news of child trafficking; the news of death and beheadings in countries you don’t know about; the dishonesty of people we trust wholeheartedly; a glimpse of what you could have become if only you made a different choice; the life lessons from someone else’s book; the advice from those close to you; the rivalry between siblings; the sudden death of a family member; the things you heard about someone else but never experienced yourself; the rejection from someone you held dearly to your heart; the job opportunity which you did not get – it is a hell of a lot of stuff to tune in to!It has been proven that emotions trump logic all the time! Most of the time, we think we make logical decisions but unless we apply the filters to diffuse emotions, we cannot come to logical conclusions. We are loaded with emotions and even though they are not expressed, we carry them around us all da

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