Welcome to Look Good!!! Feel Good!!!

Welcome to Look Good!!! Feel Good!!!

January 2012

It has been  a few years since I have been on the go with few quiet downtimes just for myself. Even when I do have some quiet time, my mind seems never quiet. There is always one more thing to do. The last couple of months have been quite stressful after my mom passed away and I can feel the physical and mental effects of stress, over a long period, eat away at my body.
Mom was only 73 years old and died from a heart attack. For over ten years she was diagnosed with diabetes which eventually caused her to lose her eye sight. I am concerned about both of these ailments – heart attacks and diabetes.

Growing up, I don’t recall seeing my mom make time for herself. She was always busy taking care of us. Her life was not easy and I know that she did all that she could have done for us and I will always be grateful. But, I wished I had seen her practice more self-care – to do her nails, style her hair more, wear more pretty clothes and jewelry, laugh more, entertain more, rest more… From my eyes, it seemed that her life was hard – a huge sacrifice for her children.

As I raise my own children, I realize how difficult it is to make the time for self-care or to simply do the things I love to do. I realize I have  unconsciously absorbed some of my mother’s traits for example  moving around the house silently and not saying much to any one when I have too much on my mind. There are so many priorities in my life and I seem to juggle more than one thing at any given time.  

I was about 18 years old when I asked mom to go on a trip with me so that she could experience being in another country. Her response was, “Child, save your money”.

Many years later, after she became blind and I moved to Canada, I asked her to come to spend some time with me. Her response was “Where can I go now… I am blind”

This moment is all that we have. This year, I want to manage my moments better. I want to consciously create a beautiful 365 days, one day at a time. I want to look good and feel good each day. I want to encourage others to do the same too. I think we can better serve our spouses, our children, our co-workers when we feel our best.

Here is to an amazing 2012!

With love,



7 thoughts on “Welcome to Look Good!!! Feel Good!!!

  1. Mags, this peice really touched me. I was thinking about your mother the other day. A womanwho achieved so much with the cards she was dealt and the many shrewd choices she made. No, self-care was not anywhere near the top of her agenda, I wish it was- but I salute her achievements.

    • Thanks Mags. Yes – she was a remarkable woman. I keep thinking about this “self-care” thing quite a bit. Each of us would have a different meaning of this term and apply it differently to our lives. I think the media with all those amazing products and services have also capitalized hugely on making us feel that we need one more thing to feel good (which we do need sometimes!)
      What concerns me most is when we, women especially, get ourselves tired to the point of not being able to function well and feel emotionally and physically depleted. When we just can’t keep up because of lack of energy or just not being in the right frame of mind. I believe that mom achieved quite alot in her lifetime, considering her circumstances were not always on the bright side. But I think after a while, she was also chronically tired… and I don’t think that most of us even realize when this is happening. We somehow normalize it….
      Recently, I was having a conversation with a gentleman who expressed “I can’t stand going out with a woman who is tired”. This made me think a bit more and I realize how many times I have been with other people feeling so exhausted… I wonder how they felt in my presence. Added to all the personal stuff, I am also concerned about all the environmental pollution that is affecting us… and we are all still expected to produce as normal…. Let us continue the conversation…

  2. Magdalene you should be a writer my love, your choice of words have touch my Heart, you have a special gift from God, keep up the good work, your mom is looking over you and your children, and yes i will be reading your blog everyday to help me on my new journey, thanks love.


    • Thanks Cornelius. It is a new adventure for me and one which is actually engaging my mind in a positive and beautiful way.
      Each day is a gift… all we can do is to make the very best out of it and most importantly show appreciation and love for those who surround our lives.
      xxxx Mags

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