Close the old year by bringing closure to things that no longer serve you!

Tip for today:  Look Good!!! Feel Good!!!! by bringing closure to things that no longer serve a purpose in your life.  Throw it away, give it away, put it way… decide what you no longer need.  It will create a space to welcome something new! 

In 2011, one of the simple tips that I practiced to keep my space de-cluttered was to do 15 minutes a day… just baby steps.  I would tackle one room a week for 15 minutes and get rid of things I did not need any more.  It is amazing that something as simple as this, creates a mental space in my mind – it actually makes me feel good and makes the physical space lighter.  Clearing clutter off your desk, your room, your kitchen, your basement… simply brings a lightness to your space.

Later today, I will meet with wonderful friends and close 2011. Having close friends and family adds to us feeling good about ourselves. We can celebrate our successes so much better and also share our pains.  Without friendship, I think that life can become quite a daunting experience.

So here’s to you – Feel Good!!!! Look Good!!!! on the last day of 2011!




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