Eating slowly can help to trim our waistline…

January 4th, 2011

Tip #4:  Eating slowly can help to trim our waistlines

Over the Christmas holidays, I have been trying to consciously eat slowly, as part of my self-care routine.  Gosh – it is hard work, to sit and eat slowly and mindfully, without rushing off to do something else!  But the result is that I feel fuller faster and it appears that I eat less!

Here is the brain-food connection:  It takes about 15 – 20 minutes for the body to send the signal to the brain that you have eaten enough!!! Most of us gulp down our food quite quickly…so our brain does not get the message that it is full.  So we keep on eating moe nad more!

Try this:  When you have your next meal, take a moment to observe it, smell it, appreciate the colours and texture, and appreciate the food….take a bite and savour the flavour….slowly chew it… enjoy the experience without rushing through it. 

Eating slowly also helps our digestive system, trims our waistline and allows the nutrients in our food to be better digested.

Many ailments arise from the types of food we eat, how much we eat and how we eat.  Obesity is a huge problem affecting many people and countries.  We can help our body function at it’s best by being mindful of our eating patterns. Some tips we can think about are:

  •  Have a proper breakfast – it helps with our energy level, mood and focus throughout the day (It appears that most of us miss breakfast because we are so busy trying to get somewhere!)
  • Don’t wait too long between meals.  When we feel very hungry and starving we eat more than we should
  • Keep fruits and nuts handy to starve off those hunger pangs
  • Control the food portions.  Breakfast should be the biggest meal of the day, with smaller ones as the day goes by
  • Eat slowly and enjoy the experience of eating
  •  Eat without the distraction of watching TV.  Settle yourself at the table, make the environment appealing and simply enjoy your food.
  • Try not to eat after 6p.m. if you are heading to bed by 8p.m.

Without our wonderful bodies, we cannot function.  Let us take care of each of our organs by being mindful of what we take in.  This is a whole other post!!!




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