Being spontaneous can save your relationships!

 January 5th, 2011

 Tip#5:  Be spontaneous – just do it!!!

Our days are planned to the maximum. We go to work, pick up and drop off kids, run errands, run to the gym, etc.  Over time, our daily routines take over our ability to think creatively and enjoy the fullness of the moment. There is no time to think and we flop on our sofas completely exhausted at the end of the day.  Our partners complain we are no longer fun to be around… life seem to be the same old thing day after day!

Save your relationships from boredom – break from the  usual routine and do something spontaneous.  Last night, one of my girlfriends and I spontaneously ended up at a beautiful restaurant for a drink which led to having a great dinner (which we ate slowly!).  The atmosphere was soothing and I could feel my body simply releasing the tension from the day and just letting go completely as my eyes found much pleasure in looking at the paintings and beautiful decor.  As we laughed and chatted, we even came up with a brilliant idea to explore higher end restaurants in the City – maybe one a month.

I could not help but wonder how often we stick with the same things over and over again (please don’t change or leave your partner for goodness sake or give away your kids! Some things should remain the same!) without venturing out into new things. You know what’s funny –  we even keep to what we don’t like for fear of changing! 

 Being spontaneous and living in the moment requires faith in life … that you can safely do something you feel like and it will be perfectly fine.  There are many benefits to being spontaneous.  It allows creativity, freedom of choice, it brings new life experiences and helps us to simply let go and enjoy the moment. It is a good thing to have this child like curiosity to explore more.  We can gain renewed energy by being open to new experiences.

Let’s add some joy, fun and zest to our lives each day by being a little spontaneous.  For example, text a friend unexpectedly, call someone whom you have not spoken to for a long time, go to the hotel or restaurant you have been curious about, talk to a stranger, take the kids out for a surprise outing, buy flowers for your wife for no reason, kiss your partner passionately, book a trip to go somewhere… challenge yourself to do something out of the ordinary to bring you pleasure!

As we walked home, wrapped in our warm winter coats with the flurries blowing around us, I felt warm and beautiful on the inside.  It was a spontaneous evening that did a world of good to me.  It lifted my spirit…. added to my creativity to getting this blog done!

Look good and feel good by being spontaneous!!!!




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