Creating more positive memories can help us deactivate the bad ones and find more pleasure in living…

Dog sledding

January 9th, 2012

Tip #9: Good memories can be a motivation to live.  Create wonderful ones.

Everyday, I try to create opportunities that will live a lasting positive memory in my mind, my life and that of the minds and lives of others. It can range from having a wonderful conversation to doing something as wild as dog-sledding in the middle of winter, living my entire life in the hands of a pack of huskies and a guide whom I do not know! (in the picture attached – I am in the sled at the back taking the picture)

I am always fascinated by other people’s stories because I know that each one of us react in this moment/lifetime because of our past experiences.  During a recent conversation with a friend, I got to understand and appreciate her much better as she related to me the horrors that she lived through with the genocide in Rwanda and the loss of her family.  I cannot imagine what it could possibly feel like to wake up in the morning to see your parents murdered and you are left to carry the responsibility of caring for your siblings. This must be a sad memory for her, yet she has been able to turn it around and be more appreciative of her life and has created her own legacy by helping her family and others create better lives.  In response, she finds peace and consciously creates new positive memories, one day at a time. Knowing what I know now about her life, has created much respect and admiration for her.

What kind of memories do we want to live behind?  Memories of joy? Peace? Happiness? Sorrow? Hardship? Love?  Turmoil?  Animosity?    How do we want others to remember us at the end of our earth sojourn?  Keeping the end in mind, can help us make conscious choices of how we live each moment. Our memories create our history and tell the stories of our lives.

Here is the body-mind connection:

As we create more positive memories, we automatically deactivate the bad memories.  As we create more positive memories, we gain renewed physical, mental and emotional energy to live purposefully and find more beauty in life.

How do we create those positive memories:

  • Decide to create beautiful memories
  • Recognize that we don’t have control over everything in our lives but we can have control over how we react to the circumstances that confront us
  • Spend time with those who really matter in our lives – remember that food, fun and love go well together
  •  Capture moments on camera or video
  • Post and frame pictures that make us remember the positive
  • Create a timeline of your life / that of your family
  • Tell your story to others – let those who are close to us know where we come from and where we are going to
  • Create a new positive goal for yourself… imagine telling the story of of your goal and how you came to realize it…Imagine your funeral – what would you like other people to say about you?

LookGood!!! and FeelGood!!! by creating extraordinary and wonderful memories – moment by moment!




2 thoughts on “Creating more positive memories can help us deactivate the bad ones and find more pleasure in living…

  1. i feel so proud of you!! as you relize your life’s asperations.As a innate writer I am not surprise. I enjoy reading your blog and will contine daily as I am inspired. i agree….”got to make yourself look good to feel good.” ……”beautiful memories I will begin to creat for myself.”
    Thanks Mags, i will heed the adivse.

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