Do you attract the right people to your life? Are we in alignment with our own spirits?

January 19th



Tip # 13:   The people in our lives may be a reflection of our own thoughts…

About 15 years ago, I was driving to work (back in St. Lucia), when I glanced on the side of the road and saw a beautiful, older woman, dressed in a white shirt and shorts.  Her hair was shoulder length – almost completely grey. As I drove past her, I found myself glancing in my rearview mirror to catch another glimpse of her.  She looked radiant and happy.   She was sexy.  Her spirit seemed light and happy.  She exuded pure light and a free spirit… a spirit of unbounded love and oneness with life.  There was a glowing smile on her face and I found myself thinking “that’s how I want to look when I get older.”  She must have been in her sixties and I was only in my late twenties.  That moment was a defining moment in my life.  I had never thought about getting old before but in that moment, I knew how I wanted to look and feel!  I made a mental image, that in my old age, I want to be sexy, happy and radiate with love and positive energy.

 The next couple of mornings, I saw her by the roadside waiting for the bus and each time I saw her, I felt drawn to her.  I wanted to know her better but I also felt awkward to stop the car to talk to her.  She stayed on my mind for several days until destiny created the opportunity for us to meet under the most unusual circumstances.

It happened one morning when I went to work.  Back then, I worked as a special education teacher at a special education centre.  On that particular morning, there was a bit of chaos in the building.  A deaf student, Keisha, who was also blind in one eye, became blind in the second eye and was experiencing severe trauma. Being a specialist teacher for the blind, I was quickly called in by the specialist teacher for the deaf and the school administration to begin sourcing resources for this student, who was now deaf-blind.  It was a painful experience watching the trauma she went through on that day, feeling absolutely helpless and not in control of her environment.

As part of my investigation into available resources, I called the local hospital to make some enquiries.  I was referred to a psychologist who was the most responsive and sensitive person on the phone.  Her voice radiated care and concern. I felt connected to her. She immediately jumped into action and wanted to visit the Centre to meet the student and to and see how she could assist. Guess what!  The psychologist turned out to be the woman whom I had seen on the side of the road!   She was a volunteer at the hospital from the United States. Her name was Marjorie. 

In the following months, I worked closely with her in finding available resources to help Keisha.  Our experience together was a beautiful one.  It is one of those relationships where you feel so much in alignment with the other person that everything happens magically.   Just our presence was enough.  I felt that I floated around her.  Together with the Center and other people, we were able to source resources to help Keisha and even got the community together to build a brand new house for Keisha and her family.

Looking back at the so many wonderful life expereince I have had, my experience with Marjorie made me understand completely why I was so drawn to her and I continue to be drawn to people like her.  She was in alignment with my own core values and beliefs – even when I was not able to articulate it as I can today.   She was light.  She was love. She had a compassion for humanity that inspired me.  As she worked in sourcing resources to help Keisha, nothing seemed to be an issue  for her. Nothing stopped her.  She had no judgment of anyone or anything.  Everything was always perfect for her. She accepted life, with all its ups and downs completely. Nothing disturbed her inner sense of peace.  She put her heart and soul into providing a service for someone who needed her and she found ways to do it.  I witnessed the alignment of her spirit with the task at hand and all things worked out miraculously.  She had a great sense of humor, ate lightly, forgave quickly, meditated regularly and simply seemed to be at peace with herself.  Living in the moment seem to be all that really mattered.

Marjorie returned to the United States after her assignment was over.  We lost contact with each other but I have never lost the essence of her spirit.  My memory of her on the side of the road is as vivid as it was 15 years ago and I still hold that image of vibrancy in my mind as I grow older.

As I continue into my journey of 365 lookgood and feelgood days, I think of her lovingly and I am grateful for one important life principle that she reinforced without ever talking about it. 

 The principle:  we must be in alignment with our spirits and immerse ourselves passionately in work which aligns with us.  Looking good and feeling good, is not just about the physical. It is about nurturing our spirit and our soul enough so that we can magically attract like minds and like spirits to us. 

Before and after the encounter with Marjorie, I feel so blessed that I have met so many other Majorie’s who have touched my life in so many powerful ways by simply the way they are aligned with their life purpose.  Those people have experienced many life crises but they have embraced life, with the sadness and happiness, the dark and the light and live authentic and true lives, in alignment with their spirit.  

As I continue to grow older, I find myself paying more attention to what really matters in my life and what makes me feel good on the inside.

  •  Age is only a number – I enjoy having a youthful spirit and outlook – but it is what I really use my years and my age to do on this earth that matters.  
  •  I want to continue enjoy laughing and celebrating with friends. 
  • I want to be surronded by people who are aligned to my spirt and values in life.
  •  I want to cherish my health. 
  •  I want to keep on learning and to be ALIVE when I am really alive.
  •  I want to stop taking guilt trips about what could have been done differently and accept that all the decisions I made in my life, whether they generated a positive or negative result. 
  •  I want to tell those whom I love, that I really love them and find small and big ways to demonstrate this love to them. 
  • Most of all, I want to be truthful to myself and embrace all of me, with all my imperfections and shortcomings. 
  •  I am a divine child of this amazing universe and the universe is here to support me to be the best that I can be.

Who are the people who have left an impact on you, in just a moment?   How are you aligned with your own, true spirit?  Who do you attract in your life?  Are those in your life supporting and nourishing your soul?  Do you look beyond your needs and reach out to someone else?

Every small act of kindness towards ourselves or others lift our spirt and makes us feel lighter and more beautiful.

LookGood!!! and FeelGood!!!! by being in alignment with your true and beautiful spirit.  You are a Divine Child of the Universe!







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