“Oprah’s mom and dad had sex one time in their lives under a tree and Oprah was born”

February 13th, 2012

Tip# 17:  Accept and Surrender

“Oprah’s mom and dad had sex one time in their lives under a tree and Oprah was born” Wayne Dyer, in an interview over the Louise Hay radio station on Sunday morning, talking of an interview he had with her earlier this year.  The show will be aired in April.

 As I listened to the talk show, I could not help but just shake my head. This world respected woman, came into this world in such an unplanned way but has been guided to do so much for the world.I cannot help but imagine the thoughts and fears of her young mom discovering she was pregant and the acceptance from her grandmother in raising this little girl. Anyone who has read Oprah’s biography knows that she did not have an easy life but along the way she learnt to accept, surrender, forgive and live fully. She has chosen to live her best life by using her talent to serve others. In her service to others, she lives an authentic and purpose driven life. Somehow it all came together. 

Eight years ago when I left my home country in the middle of a family crisis, with an unclear mind and deep emotional pain, I could not see the way out of my distress. I could not understand how my serene life could have become a living nightmare and chaos in such a short space of time. I remember sitting on the aircraft in absolute hopelessness crying and praying “God I surrender everything to you. I am not capable of making the right decisions any more, all what I decide on my own seem to get me in more trouble – I don’t know what I am doing, I don’t know the difference between right and wrong anymore… I give you all of my life and I beg you to take over, make the decisions for me and show me the signs so that I will know what to do.” As if still not quite trusting my own prayer, I also added “Show me the signs, but make them dramatic…don’t whisper things to me… I want to make sure I get it… I surrender everything to you.”

 At that time, I could not see the future. Looking back, this decision to surrender was the most important decision I made in my greatest moments of despair and weakness. Along my journey, I was provided with so many dramatic signs – from moving in with a total stranger to miracles that happened on a daily basis in meeting the right people and being provided with everything I needed from money to work and creating a new life. I can see how everything that happened in my life before and after that moment, needed to happen to fulfill my own life’s purpose. Going through my difficult journey has deepened my faith in knowing that I am a Divine Child of this universe and I have a right to be here, just like the moon and the stars.  I am now a more compassionate person, a more giving person, a more accepting person and more importantly, I find it so much easier to let things go, knowing that I am not always in control and that there is a bigger plan. I have faith that at the end of it all, everything will fall in place as it should.

 Accepting the good and bad in our lives require us to have a strong faith in life  even when we canot see the full picture. It calls for us to be truthful and to allow things to be the way they are. It calls for deep surrendering of our lives in humility and knowing that “all things come together for the glory of God”. Both the good and the bad – and that under all circumstances we do the best we can do.

Today, let us take note of what we have difficulty in accepting. Take a piece of paper and write answers to each of those questions:

a) What am I having difficulty accepting? (be truthful and see what role you have played in contributing to this thing)

b) Is there anything I can do to change this situation? If there is, what is it? (Give yourself a time frame to do something about it and put in 110% effort.)

 c) If I cannot change this situation, can I accept it and surrender? (It helps to have something to surrender it to… to the universe? To God? Your own source of higher power)

Let us do our best to release and let go of things we have no control over. It clears our minds and gives us the energy to focus on other things. “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.”

LookGood!!! FeelGood!!!! by accepting and surrendering….believe that the best will happen for all concerned.




3 thoughts on ““Oprah’s mom and dad had sex one time in their lives under a tree and Oprah was born”

  1. Oh Mags! What a joyful day it is! I feel glorified as i hear a replay of your story. As you look back you will change nothing i bet. Since then i have taken a page in your book of life. It sounds like just yesterday but it’s been a lifetime! You have grown and realizt the positives that this experience has brought to you. However Jesus was able to guide you as you surrendered to him for something different. I have learnt that people no matter how close and the length of the friendship sometimes have to saperate to fulfill their own destiny. We need to see beyond the saperation and appreciate the growth brought into our lives through the journey of that friendship. Living and life is and very often not static. The universeis the Great Trinity. Remember he said “in my father’s house there are many mansions. God frees us from bondage and if we are to depend only on our human eyes “no dice, nou pa sa wer sa” . Bondage is only an experience and therefore for me bondage is not real, that what Oprah saw that’s why she was able to rise beyond her birth circumstances and live life fully. She is self conscious, used her God given intelligence in a whole way. I’m so proud of this woman. From a young girl she’s been my role model and I have followed most of her life success stories. I love the God she serves. Later i discovered that we share the same birthday I love her even more. Mags, if you believe that you will succeed you will, so let’s enjoy the universe God has provided for us. Whitney closed her eyes to the Universe. …..You are blessed Mags!!!!! Today is your day!!!!! lookgood feelgood!!!!!

    • As I re-read your commnents again, I want to really thank you for your support and encouragement in 2012. You were one of the very early readers of my blog and your comments so inspired me to keep on writing. Sometimes, we never know how we touch each other, but I can tell you that your words of encouragement meant alot to me. Thank you so, so much.
      Best wishes to you and your family for 2013! May you be blessed with all that is good, wonderful and pure – YOU so deserve all the goodness that life has to offer.


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