Can clutter be depleting you of your life energy?


This weekend, I have been inspired by Denise Linn, through her book “Soul Coaching”. This book explores the elements of air, water, fire and eath in our lives and explores with the reader 28 days to discover your authentic self. It is my belief that soul coaching will most likely be the next “big” type of coaching with people as they explore the deeper meaning of their lives. It is different from career coaching. Most of us have settled in jobs and have done great things in our jobs. However, many of us can also attest to the fact that we feel like “we are not doing something purposeful” or “we feel empty” or “we don’t feel any joy in our lives.” Our jobs have become “the means to an end – to put food on the table and pay the bills”. Every now and then we meet someone with great passion and enthusiasm and we are all so deeply touched and inspired. Why? There is authenticity oozing from them – this is what we are all craving for but we don’t know how to get there.

Yesterday, I listened to an interview on CBC radio, which featured a retired gentleman who after several years of soul searching for a purpose, decided that he wanted to donate an organ from his body to someone in need. He felt that by doing so, he would fulfill a bigger purpose in life and he donated a kidney to a young man. He felt absoultely purposeful that someone else gained renewed life by his decision. His soul-giving has inspired several other donors to donate body organs. He now talks about this process – quite an inspiration.

How do we know when something speaks to our soul?

– We feel energized from deep within

 – We feel inspired to do more

 – We dream and think about it often

– We feel enlightened and alive after experiencing that “thing”

 What stops us from expereincing more of what we like?

 – Fear – Being overwhelmed – Being busy – Shame – Guilt – Worry – Frustration – Resentment – Anger

How can we begin to let our authenic selves emerge?

In Denise Linn’s book, she spends time looking at the four elemnet of Air, Water, Earth and Fire. This week I will be focusing on the Air element which is usually associated with mental activity, organization, commitment, assessment, judgements, rules and beliefs. One of the key activities to refine the air around us and to allow our authentic selves to re-emerge, is to declutter.

Think of our lives as having four rooms – Phycical, Mental, Spiritual and Emotional. What clutter do we carry in each of those houses? This week I want to spend time decluttering my physical environment. Get rid of clothes that no longer fits (either in style or size or stuff I don’t like any more) , get rid of paper and organize bills, organize the garage and get rid of all what has not been used in the last three years. 

 The clutter we keep around us may be depleting us of our life energy. Our physical environment is reflective of what is going on inside of us. Let us create soulful homes and offices where we feel safe.  A clean, uncluttered space allows us to breathe easier, attract more abundance to us and just simply creates space in our lives to attract more.  I am sure that all of us can relate to how wonderful we feel when everything is in it’s place or when we have cleaned our homes.

LookGood!!!FeelGood!!!! in a beautiful, sacred, uncluttered environment.






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