Will you say “YES?”


March 8th, 2012

Tip # 23:  Say “YES” to YOU… “YES” to keeping your priorities in check.

A friend called me at work today and as we chatted on the phone he asked about my blog and commented that there has been nothing written since February 28th.  I started to laugh as I tried to explain that I have had no time to blog lately!  When I first started this blog, I was so excited and filled with inspiration – I told myself that I was going to blog every single day.  Of course I underestimated what it takes to write a blog!  One blog can take anything between half an hour to an hour. (I have been trying to complete this one for the last three days!)  When I blog, it means I have to give up something else.  Suddenly, I found myself no longer praying in the morning (because when I get up, I want to finish the blog I started the night before) or not reading at night or skipping gym or not practicing my own lookgood and feelgood rituals!  (Right now, I am giving up working on a new project idea  – but decided that I MUST complete my blog first! )

As I continue to analyse my own behaviour patterns, I came to the  realization that the reason  I get overwhelmed sometimes is because I feel that I have to do everything I like or save others from something!   However, the reality is that it is not possible to do both of those things on an ongoing basis without getting burned out.   I have to give up something but I don’t like giving up anything I like and worst yet, I hate knowing that I could have done something for someone and did not do it.   I want it all (I almost sound selfish) – I want to look good, have time to write, gym, work, cook, read, visit friends, play, do homework with my kids, go to church, do my job,  chat an extra longer time with a complete stranger, help my friends…(Right now, I am quite amused at my own self for saying “YES” to my daughter to dog sit a friend’s dog at our house for three weeks – well the dog is now sleeping in MY room – it seems that even the little dog is attracted to me! I am so amused! 

Are you getting overwhelmed just reading this?  Imagine how I overwhelm my own self!  I drive MYSELF INSANE with demands and schedules that are beyond what I can manage and of course, as you may have already guessed, I crumble every once in a while and have to rebuild my energy again at the expense of my dearly loved ones.   The other thing which I  have observed is that since I am one who does what I like to do, I often  procrastinate about what I  don’t like to do until I get in trouble – like making an appointment for my own health care, paying a bill on time, writing a report, returning phone calls…  I put off important things that have serious consequenses in creating delays and inconveniences  for myself, other people as well as financial implications.

 So what do people like me need?  Every now and then we need to stop and check in. I need to ask myself three basic questions:

a)  What are you trying to achieve with this flurry of activities ? 

b) How do these activities match with your own goals? (What are your goals anyways?  What are your priorities?)

c)  What things are NOT getting done that should be getting done?  What is it costing you?

It is important for us to strike balance in life.    As we change our roles and responsibilities (from being parents with young children to having teenagers, or from being married to being single or from having a job to not having a job or adding more work to our exisitng work) our priorities constantly change.  Therefore it is important to re-assess where we are every now and then. Without balance, our entire cognitive, emotional, spiritual and physical bodies become misaligned.  I have spent the last hour re-prioritizing what is important to me for the next few months and have made a list of things to keep me in check. 

We can do a lot but achieve little – like running to event after event after event…. without any particular goal.

We can do a little (of the right thing) and achieve a lot, like simply being quiet, meditating,  drinking our six glasses of water and exercising a little each day to avoid bigger health risks.

Doing little things or big things is all about keeping our priorities in check and having the courage to say “YES” to what really matters without a doubt.   Writing this makes me laugh even more because even though I feel insane sometimes, I know that I still love to be me – I cannot imagine a life of total organization and tranquillity –  that too would drive me even more insane! 

And as I end this chaotic blog, the little dog has stared barking, my daughter is fast asleep to the world – makes me wonder whether I will get any sleep tonight!

LookGood!!!! and FeelGood!!!! by saying “YES” to what is important in helping us be our best and achieving our goals with what really matters! 




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