Think twice about hurting someone… what are you investing?

Tip 24:  Our words and actions carry on way after the moment…

This week I listened to the anger in a young man’s voice as he re-told me the story of not getting paid after three months of hard work with an employer.  My heart ached for him as the anger took over his emotions.  It made me angry to think of an employer taking advantage over a young teen who had a simple genuine intention – to do a good job and earn a decent pay.  As I listened to the stream of words that came out of his mouth, from cursing to threatening – I could not help but be thankful to live in a country which protects workers even though there are still pitfalls to this system.  After taking the case to the Labour Board, he managed to get 1/20th of what was owed to him.  If this employer does not continue to pay him, then the case will be reported to the Credit Bureau which will affect this employer’s credit rating thus making it difficult to access credit. If his credit is already bad (which I think it is) then this will have no impact on the employer whereas this young man will not get the remainder of his money which he was going to use to pay his school fees. 

Being who I am, I cannot help but wonder of the many ways which we human beings affect each other and the web of tangled emotions that either inspires or brings out the worst in another. In the case of this young teen, this experience can cause a deep distrust for potential employers and for people in general.  It can create a myriad of other problems as he said “here I am trying to make an honest living and I get screwed… what if I had to do drugs or steal… maybe that is a better thing to do!”   No, it is not a better thing to do and of course we have to continue counselling and helping our young people make choices that support a healthy and responsible lifestyle.

Our lives are all intricately connected.  Let us be careful of our actions with each other. Do we inspire trust and genuine concern OR do we put others in vulnerable situations? I believe in the laws of karma which simply put is “you get what you give” – be it good or bad – it will come back to you.  The four laws of karma states that:

  • Results are similar to the cause. Simply said, when I cause other people harm, I will harvest suffering myself. It is important to note here, that “positive” actions are defined as actions that have happiness as a result; “negative” actions are defined as actions that lead to suffering as a result.
  • No results without a cause.As is obvious within science, things do not just appear out of nothing.
  • Once an action is done, the result is never lost. Similarly as above, things do not just disappear into nothing.
  • Karma expands. Once we have an imprint of an action in our mind, it tends to be habit-forming. As is often said in wars for example, killing the first enemy is tough, but after a handful, one quickly loses count and it becomes “normal”. Also psychology often stresses a similar point when e.g. explaining actions of adults from their childhood experiences.


It is comforting to know that we do have control over our actions and we can consciously choose to do amazing and beautiful things on this earth.  I think back of my own life, where in one year, every single thing I needed was provided for me from unexpected sources.  I remember attributing this “fortunate luck” or “cherries falling from the sky” back to a period in my life when  I did much charity.  In one hard year – every act of kindness that I had performed almost came back identical and one hundred fold more.  I like to think of  it as investing and withdrawing… every day, we need to invest in kindess.

Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
Watch your words, for they become actions.
Watch your actions, for they become habits.
Watch your habits, for they become character.
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.
Unknown source

LookGood!!!FeelGood!!! by consciously investing in good karmic acts…it will gain hge profits in this lifetime or the next.







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