Are you living your life half-way?

Maybe I could write a book about snippets of conversations that simply  inspire me to reflect about life.

Chatting with a friend about  work we do, she said “Everyone comes in here day by day… you are the only one who is taking this (work) so seriously.  People do what they have to do and go…”  Now, I work with a great group of  dedicated people so I don’t think this is entirely true!  But this little snippet of conversation got me to think – “Am I really taking this work too seriously?”  Then I thought again ” I can’t work half-way.”  My friend  and I continued into a deeper conversation.

I questioned ”  Why would you not immerse yourself fully into what you do?”

She shrugged.  “It is just the way it is.”

I got into a bit of a fit.  I said, “Have you ever seen anything great done half-way?  Have you seen a great artist draw a beautiful painting half-way?  Have you ever heard beautiful music performed half-way?”

The more I think about this “half-way” concept, the more that I see things being done “half-way” around me. Maybe my awareness has shifted.  I nag at my kids for cleaning the kitchen half-way, for tidying their rooms half-way, for studying half-way…. I look at myself cleaning my own room half-way, doing some parts of my job half-way, living my life half-way because I am too indecisive to make certain important decisions…

Last weekend, I had another snippet of conversation with a young man (23) and asked about his previous girlfriend. My question was ” How are you feeling now after the breakup?”

He responded “Well, I was the one who broke up with her – so I am o.k.”

I asked ” Do you think you made the right decision?”

He said “It was the only logical decision to make. We live thousands of miles from each other…. why have such a relationship?  I need to live my life fully…. not half-way!”

The sad thing, I think about half-way living, is that it takes away joy and fulfillment.   It creates negative stress or makes us so dull that our eyes don’t have a sparkle anymore. We run around doing tasks but those tasks are not aligned with our souls… there is no passion…. without passion there can be no real impact on what we do.  It is just simply basic and lifeless….we follow great rules but with little inspiration.  When we  are inspired, we don’t need as many rules.

 I know that the things I have done fully from my heart and soul, were the things that also expanded my own life and my soul.  Those times, I felt that I touched the very essence of life.  I felt that the entire universe conspired with me to make even the impossible, possible. I felt myself drawing all the right people and circumstances to myself and even now when I immerse fully, I can still feel it.

Working with passion  inspires greatness.  Don’t just sit watching life…. make decisions to support living your life with deep love and passion.  When you experience this…. you just can’t go back to basics… you will begin to develop wings and you will fly to places you never even thought of.  It only takes one decision – decide to live a full life.  Because your soul is worth expanding and you are so worth every bit of it!

LookGood!!!FeelGood!!! by living fully.

Love, Magdalene




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