Moving beyond half-way living… What is your soul mission?

My own writing yesterday inspired myself (:)to re-assess my own life and make a commitment to live my life more fully to what I believe my life purpose / soul mission is.  For the last few weeks, I have been studying a book by Denise Linn who encourages us to write what we believe our life purpose is…. and to keep on writing it until “your entire being vibrate with joy.  The soul loves the truth so much that when you state your true mission, every part of you expands with vitality and energy.”

After several attempts with this writing task, I am finally happy with what I have created and I am committed to living it out.   Sitting on my bed this morning writing, with the sun streaming through my window and cup of coffee at my bedside – this morning could not be more perfect to reveal to the world what I believe that I am here for.

My soul mission in this lifetime is to learn and share knowledge which will inspire and motivate others to expand their souls and live their own life mission.  I live my soul mission by:

a) Facilitating, talking and coaching individuals and groups

b) Writing articles, blogs,books and developing written products

c) Sharing resources and tool with and from others

Living my soul purpose brings me joy, fulfillment and happiness.  Living my soul purpose generates income which is required to fulfill my personal, professional and family needs.  I can afford to live my soul purpose because I believe in myself and when I feel that burning desire to do more of what I am already doing, I choose to stop, listen and act.  More importantly, this great universe believes in my and God guides me each day to live this soul mission.

Without living my soul purpose, I feel that I will deny the growth and expansion of my soul.  By so doing, I would not live my life fully.  I don’t want to die feeling that I did not accomplish my soul purpose.

I feel quite bold writing this down to the public!  The truth is, I am already doing quite of lot of this, through my professional work and community work.  All I need to do now, is do more and more of it.  The wonderful thing about writing it down, is that it talks to me and simplifies my life… writing it down gives me an anchor.

As I have indicated in the previous two articles about half-way living, I believe that all of us have gotten into a rut of running around completing tasks with no real value to our soul.  Part of it  is simply the way life is… However, if you want to create that change for yourself, you can simply begin by asking yourself this one simple question every day “What is my purpose in life?”  Ask it before you go to bed, when you wake up in the morning and take note of the synchronicities, coincidences and signs happening around you.   Take note of the people you will meet.  You will feel your spirit move joyously when something nudges your soul – it could be music, art, a converstaion, a song, a speech….  Over the years, many of us have lost our ability to listen to our internal guidance but remember, it is still there within you.  And within you… your soul knows what it needs to be healthy, happy and fulfilled.

LookGood!!!FeelGood!!! by taking time to listen to your soul…





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