It is amazing what a little eye make up can do…

I am not a huge lover of make up…until I discovered MAC upon a doctor’s prescription because I have very sensitive skin and MAC is non-cosmogenic and also expensive!  Anyway, that is not the point…. the point is that I have been feeling tired (the woman who speaks about self-care!) so today I decided to walk through the shopping mall and treat myself to new make up.  It was so soothing letting this make-up artist try different applications on my face and within half an hour I was totally transformed.  I felt better, looked great (If I must say) and learnt a couple new tricks about applying make up and I went home with new glitter eye make up!  Look out for me!

Women – don’t underestimate what a little pampering and make up does for your spirit.  Now I understand why one of my girlfriends won’t go anywhere without her make up!

Men – don’t underestimate how a woman who feels wonderful can bring so much more magic into your life.  Nothing is more intimate than a man sitting and watching a woman apply  make up and being totally fine with it… because he knows that it is not just the make up or the look or wanting to attrct other men –  it is  equally about how the woman feels at the end of it all… and it takes a secure man to see beyond the looks… to embrace the feeling and appreciate his woman totally!

LookGood!!!FeelGood!!! by taking some time to just pamper yourself…try a little eye make up…. it just lightens up your spirit!



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