I just love those perfect, perfect moments…

Yesterday I experienced the perfect moment of Divine intervention – when the universe responded perfectly to my immediate need.  I love those moments of synchronicity.  I call those perfect moments “cherries fall from the sky”

 I went to the usual place I park my car  for free (paid parking in Ottawa is expensive) but there were no spots available. I drove along another road. No luck.  After a couple of rounds, I concluded that I have no choice but to go to a nearby paid parking lot.  I got there only to realize that I didn’t have enough change to pay for parking and the machine would not accept credit or debit cards.  I felt  stressed immediately because I didn’t want to get a parking ticket nor did I have time to go the bank – at this point I was running late for a morning meeting. I sat in the car with my eyes closed and a silent plea from my heart to God “I don’t know what to do!” 

Suddenly I heard a tap on my car window.  I opened my eyes and there was a well dressed gentleman standing there with a paid parking pass in his hand. “This is good for the whole day” he said.  “Can I give it to you?”  He explained that he had paid parking for the day but only needed it for an hour.

“Thank you!” I said to him. “I appreciate it.”  My heart swelled with gratitude. 

This moment made my whole day.  It is just a perfect moment when the universe aligns in meeting my need in a totally unpredictable way. Moments like this reinforce to me how much I am taken care of – even when I don’t understand it.  This man was my angel this morning… I have to wonder how many things got aligned just so that I could have had this parking pass for me 🙂

I am a believer that the universe responds to our thoughts but sometimes I wonder why some things manifest faster than other things.  In  a brief moment, the parking pass magically appeared without any planning.  What makes somethings align so perfectly and other things never manifest no matter how much we ask?

LookGood!!!FeelGood!!! by feeling gratitude when something wonderful happens to you today. Little miracles are happening every day.  I think that the more we note them and be grateful for them, the more they happen!




2 thoughts on “I just love those perfect, perfect moments…

  1. I was touched by this experience! It is these moments that reassure me that the all seeing eye is watching and caring; one only needs to ask and position the self for these awesome experiences.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Ms Gyles,
      I want to take this oppportunity to thank you for your support in 2013 and to wish you a wonderful 2013! May you and your family continue to be blessed with all that is good, beautiful and pure. You are so pure in spirit yourself. Thanks for reading some of my blogs and providing support through your comments. I truly appreciate it.

      Best wishes for GREAT year ahead.

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