Can you dance in the rain (with me)?

I walked home in the rain yesterday. I felt so happy. Each raindrop that touched my skin made me want to dance for joy.  Along the street,  I saw a black woman with a white dress dancing in the rain with her red shoes in her hand. She radiated with light and her spirit was alive. The happy smile on her face brought an even happier  smile to my face.  I felt like joining her and dancing with her – how cool that would be!   Being able to feel so alive in just that one moment – is a beautiful gift. Unaware to her, she had lifted my spirt tenfold and ignited a deeper feeling of happiness in my soul.

That absolute feeling of happiness is not something given to another. That feeling of happiness comes over us when we create a space in our hearts to embrace ourselves lovingly.  It is a choice we make consciously regardless of the circumstances around us.

Imagine the magnificence of our lives if we  decide to be happy regardless of all that happened around us. 

Imagine how our lives can be stuck  if we decide that we will only be happy when we win the lottery, pay all the bills, have the perfect body or job or partner and perhaps solve all the injustices which we fight for…

My last blog  sparked several conversations and in-box e-mails about the financial crisis that many people are in and don’t know how to get out of.  One person said to me:

“People think I am depressed or lonely or sad but all those emotions can change in the blink of an eye, if only I had the money to live the lifestyle I want to live.  My problem is not having money…. it is the root of all the other problems”

My response to this was:

“Can you be happy without having the money?  Can you find things that can make you feel happy that don’t need money?”

He replied:

“No… to have the experiences I enjoy, I need to have money.  What can I do without money?”

How much of our happiness depends on having money? 

Having and not having money is a constant in our lives.  I used to worry about not having enough until I learnt that money is only energy and  it comes and goes.  It provides a superficial security which makes us feel at ease when we have enough of it.  Without enough, our brains go crazy and we sink into feelings of worthlessness and scarcity.  This vulnerable state can actually lead into depression.  Depression leads to low energy, low motivation, low self-esteem…. all of which does not help with the creativity required to draw more abundance to  us.

What if our internal security  lie in something way beyond having money and it requires us to listen to the still voice of our soul that identifies the things that make us feel happy.   Do you know what makes you happy without a reason? Can you feel happiness, joy and gratitude from within?  Walking in the rain is one of the things that has always made me feel happy since I was a child…going back to our childhood days can give a good insught into the things that sparked happiness in us and which we lose along the way.

To feel  joy is like touching God… and when God is in you (the feeling of joy and love) is there anything that God will not provide to you?  Have faith that all you need is already provided for you.

Affirm to yourself “I attract  love, happiness, money, wealth and peace  to my life. All is well in my world and my mind is in perfect peace with God and the universe.  I feel blessed to experience this earthly journey and I welcome all the ups and downs as part of my earthly sojourn.”

LookGood!!!FeelGood!!!! by affirming your infinite richness. 




4 thoughts on “Can you dance in the rain (with me)?

  1. This ‘Dancing in the Rain’ is a beautiful reminder that we should be thankful for the things we have, and enjoy the moment in which we find ourselves. One thing I always try to remind myself of as well, is that good health is the most important blessing we can have, because, without it, we can do very little despite having all the money in the world.
    Good health allows us to pursue other joys in life, and also to find what can make us happy, especially within ourselves.
    Thanks so much for this beautiful reminder to be happy with what we have, and appreciate our blessings.

  2. I remember I was at a certain place, and there was a drought, and I promised myself that at the first sight of rain I would go out and jump up and dance….and dance I did when the rains came. There is something exhilarating about dancing in the rain, it helps you to forget your troubles even if its for a moment , it also helps you to be grateful for the things that we have and appreciate the things that we would normally take for granted…like the falling rain

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