An angel’s wing brushed against me today…


An angel’s wing brushed against me today.  She is a single mother of 4 kids, one with a disability.  She works in the evening as a cleaner. With her earnings, she supports 43 people in her home country by sending  $600 to her home country every month, which provides food and basic needs for each one. These 43 people are mostly the elderly whom she left back after the war in her country. It is amazing how $600 can provide enough food and comfort to 43 people because the cost of living is so much lower and lifestyle is so basic and simple.  The most important need is food.  It is even more amazing that with her humble earnings, she is able to make this money multiply and feed herself, her family and these additional 43 people.

I tried to do the math but it did not work and she said “It is not about calculating money like this, it is about having the courage to do the right thing.”  This is her own personal covenant with God.  Who would think that a person working as a cleaner could do something like this?  She said, “Sometimes I am broke, but God always sends a miracle.  I believe that I am doing what I am here to do. If I die today, I will die in peace and that is what is important.”

I felt very humbled as I listened to her story and we exchanged life experiences sitting in the sauna.   I felt ashamed of myself for complaining about the things I think that I cannot do because I think I don’t have enough.  Here was this young woman saying to me “Life is bigger than our calculations.  Have courage to be.  Decide what you can do for others and stick to the commitment.” 

There are angels walking among us all the time. Sometimes, their wings touch us and inspires a change in our hearts.  They don’ have to be great or be super stars or be rich.  They can fly because they are in alignment to their purpose…and all things work in  perfection because they have faith and their vision is bigger than what we see with our naked eyes. They are free to be and that freedom comes from within.

Today, look for angels around you. 

Are you an angel yourself? 

How can we make life better for others?

Are we lacking money or courage? 

I would love to hear of the angels whose wings have brushed against yours.  Do share your experiences here…

LookGood!!!FeelGood!!! by having the courage to do the right thing.




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