Stolen moments – Your lifeline to sanity?

I love  life. I love summer. I love walking in bare feet on the grass.  I love sitting against a stong  tree trunk and feel the uneven bark poke at my skin through a thin shirt.  I love the sun kissing my skin and I love the feel of raindrops on a hot steamy day. 

 I love walking close to the river  and watching the fish swim by.  I love the walking through forest trails where the smell of  wood mixed with earth reminds me of my childhood days where I escaped from grown up talk to the small  “ravine” that meandered through the lush forest at the back of our home. 

I love the wild flowers that bloom magically in the midst of weeds and bush.   It makes me think of the wild sides of our lives and our hidden beauty… waiting to burst from the years of budding but knowing that inevitably we will blossom and even for a few moments brighten the world.

I love sitting on patios, sipping wine and watching people go by telling their stories with as little as a scarf or a frown or the way they walk. I love wearing mini dresses  and tall shoes with straps – it makes me feel sexy and daring!  I love my girlfriends because no matter how hard my heart breaks and how stupid I have been,  true girlfriends know just how make me laugh at my silly self without judging me.  By mere coincidence, we discovered a few of us girlfriends had the same pair of shoes… oh how dangerous! 

I love so much about life but feel that I can never get enough time to enjoy it all. Work and routine stuff just keeps getting in the way! So now I love stealing moments to do something impromptu and fun with someone who simply flows with my energy just at that moment –  like my friend and I did today when we did a little mini photo shoot in the midst of a summer party. There is  a magic in stealing an inspired moment which makes all the difference between being dull to being alive.  It adds a ZING to life.  It is like having a “fix”. Lately, I have had some of those fabulous stolen, unplanned moments and it is amazing how awesome each  impromptu moment turns out, whether it was my planning or someone else’s planning!

Last Friday, on the spur of the moment, I invited one of my girlfriends  from Zambia to join me at Caribvibe – a Caribbean festival in Ottawa.  What fun we had jumping up to music, watching the creative and thought-provoking costumes parade the streets and just having great conversation!  On Sunday,  another one of my  girlfriends called to see if three of us  could get together that evening at her place to enjoy the beautiful weather on her patio.   We ended up making a great Feta cheese, pepperoni, english sausage, tomato pizza!  It cost each of us less than 5 bucks but it was priceless and soooooooo delicious with some Wolf Bass Shiraz.   We danced to music in the kitchen and laughed at the stuff in our lives until the tears roll down our faces and our sides hurt with pain from our laughter!

Everyday, I try to steal a few moments to breathe life and fun back into me by inviting someone else to be a part of  my stolen moments. Being the  insatiable adventurous soul that I am… it doesn’t take much to steal me away either!

Create moments to remember.  Most of the time it requires little money and a bit of imagination! Just think what moment you can steal away today… as crazy as it may sound, it is perhaps your lifeline to sanity!

LookGood!!! FeelGood!!! by stealing a few moments where you can feel your senses become alive!




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