She calls me Pretty.  I call her Pretty too.  We don’t know each other’s names but have silently admired something in each other for over 8 years when we both saw each other periodically at the gym. I admire her gorgeous, lean, sculpted  muscular body – she is the envy of every woman who works out at the gym. 8 years ago she looked aggressive and I felt  intimidated by that strength and aggression she exuded.  Unknown to me, she wanted to be calm like me.

Lately, I have started working out again at the gym and so we meet with each other…same gym after 8 years! This time we talk to each other. She is calm. She smiles at me and my intimidation of her melts away. She looks happy.  I want to look like her – sculpted and tough!  I am curious about her and asks her about life.  She shares with me that she is a single mom and raised 4 boys who are all grown up now. She told me that working out regularly kept her sane in the midst her own problems.  She told me that 12 years ago, she  over 200 lbs and people teased her about her weight. She left an abusive relationship 10 years ago she decided to get in shape and has kept her routine for 10 years. running and doing weights 5 times a week.

 “I am pretty…” she teases her own self as she looks into the mirror.  “I am 49 and I have to take care of myself – as I get older, I realize more and more, my health is all I have… I am pretty…”  I am amused by her teasing herself.   She slips on very simple but sexy clothes.  When she is dressed she looks 20 years younger.  She is not the typical image of “Pretty” but somehow, the way she says it, she OWNS it!   She OWNS who she is.

“You are pretty too”  she teases me too. “When you work out, you get even prettier!”  She has this gorgeous smile!

It is a nice exchange. As we shared our own life journeys and our impression of each other 8 years ago, we both laughed at our own judgements of each other.  She looked aggressive back then because she was fighting trying to save herself and her kids.  She was unaware that she left that impression on others. It is always interesting to me, how much our thoughts reflect in our body language.

Every evening now, I look forward to seeing her.  When she runs next to me on the treadmill, I push myself harder.  I realize that I have “wishy-washy” goals  about weight loss and working out but I am not consistent. Pretty makes me think of being consistent and keeping at something, even when I don’t feel like it.  We laugh at each other when we both arrive at the gym and did not feel like coming .  She says “I come because I know I will feel prettier when I am finished.”

Everyday she reminds me that I look prettier after my workout.  She looks prettier too.  Exercise has that calming effect on our bodies….I feel prettier!

Maybe one day we will get to know each other’s names.  For now, just thinking of myself and her as Pretty, pretty much does it for me.

Who inspires you to reach for more of what you want to be in your life?  Sometimes, our heroes are the ordinary people in our midst.

LookGood!!!FeelGood!!! by feeling “Pretty!”  You are Pretty too!!





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