In her quest for the big miracle she misses her husband’s longing for her

I feel the touch of Grace in my life in every waking moment. It is that feeling which makes me feel lucky, blessed and grateful.  I did  not do anything to deserve being here on this planet.  I could have never been born,  died, suffered a horrible accident, be without a job, be homeless or not have my children or lose them to drugs or accidents or anything for that matter.  I could be lonely, disillusioned, crazy, irrational, hopeless and without any self-worth. And as crazy as it sounds, I am not immune to any of these things. In any second, my current life can collapse without reason. 

But  now I am not any of those things.  I am whole.  I feel complete.  I feel drunk in love and gratitude for the so many, many blessings of people, life and circumstances in my life. When I awake in the morning, I am grateful that I can slide my feet off my bed, flicker my bedside lamp and can see where I am going. I feel that I live “in grace”  because truly, I don’t know what I did to deserve all this – I can only say that I am who I am by the grace of God.

Samia was  waiting for a “miracle” to happen in her life to believe that God exist and that her problems and suffering would be over. 

I asked her “When you crossed the street today do you think it was a miracle that a car did not hit you?” 

 “No” she replied. “Why would that be a miracle?  A miracle is something big… something unexpected”, “Something which solves our problems”.

And I believe that miracles are all these things and more. She is looking so hard for something so big that she can’t see the endless stream of  miracles and graces pouring on her every moment.   In her quest for the big miracle she misses her husbands longing for her, misses her children’s affection, misses inhaling a deep breath into her lungs, misses the smile of the old woman walking down the road, misses the impact she can have on a colleague at work, misses  the laughter of people around her and the beautiful space that she lives in.  She misses that extra beat in her life because she is so consumed by lack.

We are living miracles.  Big and small miracles surround us all the time – it depends on the lens we use to see them.   I like to think of miracles as dark and light – just like the sunset and the sunrise.  Without a sunset, we can’t have a sunrise and without experiencing something dark, we can’t have a full appreciation for something good and vise versa. Good things happen to “bad” people and bad things happen to “good” people.  There are somethings we simply cannot explain in this lifetime and perhaps could only be explained in past life regression or in future lifetimes.   This is why we call life a mystery! This is why I feel touched by grace all the time and I accept both the good and the bad because I have seen the graces even with the bad.  Sometimes, the only thing you can say is “have faith” because we don’t know all there is to know in any situation.

 What I have learnt  is that:

a)  I can keep looking at the problems and feed them until they consume the very core of who I am, until I can no longer see the miracles of life unfolding and supporting me, even in the smallest ways,   OR

b) I can choose to let go what I do not have control of, live in a state of gratitude and see the positive side of things; AND

c)  if I focus only on what I DON”T HAVE, I  may miss the wonderful graces and miracles that happen in my life.

LookGood!!!FeelGood!!! Live in grace.  Live as though you are the best miracle that ever happened.  Give the world that miracle – the world is longing for your touch of grace.



Author:  Magdalene Cooman-Maxwell

September 18th, 2012


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