The secret little affair – where the river meets the sea…in St.Lucia…Simply Beautiful!!!!

I left my slippers behind and my feet danced with joy  walking on the sandy beach framed with seaweed washed by the Atlantic Ocean.  As I walked along this exotic, secluded and deserted beach, my lungs filled with the salty ocean breeze and my eyes feasted on the wild terrain of jagged hills in the distance and the ocean that seemed unending. “Wow!” my mind seems to say over and over – “this is so naturally and simply beautiful!”  The beach stretched for miles ahead and I could feel myself becoming one with the earth, sky and sea.

And then suddenly, in front of me was the unexpected…. the merging of the river and the ocean.  I felt that sudden burst of excitement  from deep within me and my body eagerly fell into the water.  One of the old superstitious tales on the island is that if one bathes where the ocean meets the river, it will remove all bad luck, evil and negativity from your life.  Here was the perfect opportunity!(I hope all evil is gone now!)

This exotic little affair between the river and the ocean is  a phenomena that happens once or twice a year (in this particular place) and I felt super lucky to have experienced it.  The water was warm and pleasant – a perfect antidote for a hot, hot day.  It was not too shallow nor  too deep.  The current from the Atlantic Ocean was strong enough to move my body but at the same time there was no fear of getting washed away in the waves.  This was a perfect, perfect get-away to replenish my soul.   Oh, what an incredible affair I had with these two bodies of water caressing my body and easing all the stress and tension out of every cell.

No matter where I looked, my eyes feasted on nature.  There was the thicket of mangroves on the edge of the river, tall palm trees swaying in the breeze and the long miles of sandy beach that beckon me to keep on walking.  Gratitude for this great moment swelled within me.  How marvellous is the creativity of God in forming this universe!

  After a couple of hours of river-ocean therapy, I felt relaxed and happy. The setting sun and sound of thunder were powerful signals to get going. The sky looked like a painting – all covered with orange , mixed with pink and dark blue and grey clouds merged furiously together as the rain poured on me.


 It was a perfect afternoon.  I have always been inspired by the wild side of nature – where nature creates its own groove and rhythm without any interference from civilization.  There is purity in the natural elements that draws the poet out of me. 

 As I write this article, I am thousands of feet up in the air going back to Canada. St.Lucia,  is simply beautiful and I can never seem to have enough of it’s majestic hills and valleys and those secluded spots. I feel so grateful for those moments where my soul melts with nature.  It gives me soul energy.

What gives you soul energy?  Is it  a place?  Is it a person?  Is it an activity? Is it watching a sunrise of a sunset?  Is it being in a big city?

I am convinced that many of us have lost the ability to listen to our soul as we hustle and bustle to meet the daily obligations in life. As I pay more and  more attention to what fulfils me and makes me feel wholesome, I can’t help but laugh at how disconnected I am sometimes to what really matters to me.  I am now reminding myself, once again… to keep on doing what really matters and I would like to remind you to do the same.

LookGood!!!FeelGood!!! You secluded spot is waiting – just for you!




3 thoughts on “The secret little affair – where the river meets the sea…in St.Lucia…Simply Beautiful!!!!

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  2. This article drives to seek my own soul Mags . To be honest I’m not quite sure what it is specifically as there are so many things in life I enjoy but for sure “water excites me; water stimulates me; water relaxes’ water energizes me” but today i realize that i do not enjoy water often enough although I am surrounded by it. Oh here is something else , the wisdom shared by those who came before, Oh man how I love to be in company of my elders. I am guided as I maneuver this crazy journey of life so as to make choices. Have a wonderful experience as yo re-settle . St. Lucia is home sweet home!! Lucians’ let’s all hug the beautiful secrets that can be discovered in no other corner of the globe.

  3. You have just taken me to my “soul-replenishing” place…on an island in Greece. We visit my mother-in-law there most summers. For me…seeing and being in and around the cool sea surrounded by beautiful mountains and unspoiled nature…takes my breath away each time. The impact should not come as a surprise to me any more…yet each time I’m there, it is a pleasant surprise again and again! Thanks for sharing and starting the week off in such a lovely way!

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