Tour St.Lucia with me…. St.Lucia is simply BEAUTIFUL!

St.Lucia is the most beautiful, inspiring and picturesque island of all.  No wonder our ancestors called it  the “Helen of the West!”  and the English and French fought 14 times over it! Wherever I stand in St.lucia, I feel that I am alive on a huge canvas where the scenes of majestic hills and valleys, sandy beaches and crystal blue waters; jagged terrains and the wild and untamed greenery rise to meet me in utter splendor.  I am captivated over and over again with this splendid beauty which swells my heart with pride and gratitude for being born in such a beautiful part of the world. (I have also seen many, many other beautiful  places too – but I suppose I am biased towards St.Lucia!)

One day, I hope to have a better camera to capture those shots more distinctly – but for now, I want to give you atiny  glimpse of the beauty of this little island which is 238 square miles, has a population of 170,000, 2 noble prize winners, is a top honeymoon destination of the world…. 

If you are a St.Lucian reading this, say a prayer to preserve our island and heritage; say a prayer for peace to keep our people peaceful and progressive and a prayer for our leaders to lead by example, protect our economy and ensure that our natural beauty is enhanced with development (and not taken away). 

If you have never been to St.Lucia …. consider it as a holiday destination….


For more information about St.Lucia, here are some links you can visit:

LookGood!!!FeelGood!!! by surrounding yourself with natural beauty!




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