Are you a nice person?

At the Hewannora International Airport, I was caught between two long lines of passengers waiting to board two flights.  I knew I had to go all the way back to the end of the line but felt that perhaps someone could give me a chance to squeeze in-between, in the middle of the line.  One woman realized that I was trying to get a squeeze and brutally cut me off and said harshly “NO, NO… You have to go to the back of the line.It is NOT right to come here!” 

The person at the back of her winked at me and with a big broad smile created a space in front of her for me, with the approval of several other persons behind her who signaled that it was not a big deal.

All of us would end up on the same flight!  The flight would leave at the same time.

This caused me to wonder about our ability to navigate through the rules and standards we set in life.  Why did the first woman not give me a chance?  Fundamentally she is right but her harsh response to something so simple makes me wonder how she treats other bigger things in her life.  Her body language was also that of a fighter. I looked at the other woman who gave me the chance – she glowed with happiness and joy.  We had a very pleasant conversation.

Being nice, courteous and gentle with others, comes naturally to some of us but for others it is not that simple.  However, it is something we can all cultivate by being aware of how we treat others.  I know of the countless times I have let someone go ahead of me at the grocery store because they were elderly, had only a few items or maybe it was a mom with a crying baby.  Gratitude for such a small act of kindness glowed on their faces. I too have been a recipient of such acts of kindness.

Recently, I watched a bus driver ask three teenagers (whom he realized was travelling on the bus without a bus ticket or bus pass) about their destination and gave them all a day pass.  He spoke to them gently and firmly about travelling without paying but he also demonstrated kindness and  compassion which I am sure these boys will also remember for a long time.  I wondered whether he was a father too.  Another bus driver could have enforced the law and got all three boys in trouble.

Rules and protocols are important in everything we do. It helps to set standards and set up good conduct. However, take a moment to filter the situation and see if it is necessary to be harsh.  Be nice to others – it will increase good energy coming your way and it will open your heart to seeing more good in others and doing more good in the world. 

Whom can you give a break today?  At the end of it all… we will all go through the same gate eh?

LookGood!!!FeelGood!!! by being nice and courteous to others.





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