Wrapping gifts… Does the wrapping matter?

My daughter was 2 years old when we took her to a Christmas party at her dad’s workplace. Jolly Santa Claus sat on a stage, called out the names of the little kids and gave each of them a present. When Dawn’s name was called, she received a beautiful chair, just perfect for a little girl of her age.  To our shock and embarrassment, she threw a fit at Santa Claus and threw the chair back at him screaming “This is not a gift!  It is not wrapped!!!  It is not  a gift!!”

horse - chair

We tried to console her and encouraged her to accept the gift but she cried all the way home, feeling very upset and disappointed that Santa Claus did not give her a Christmas gift. When the management group heard about the incident,  they sent a wrapped gift to her and her eyes lit in excitement when she received it. She eagerly opened teh package and was delighted to find a doll inside.  The value of the doll was much less than the chair but having it wrapped made all the difference.

Girl Opening Christmas Present

Dawn’s response to a unwrapped present created a lasting impression on me.  What is it about wrapped gifts that captivates us so much?  When I receive a wrapped gift, I feel special. I feel that the giver has paid special attention to me and have thought of every detail to make me feel special. I feel excited wondering what is inside the wrapped gift. Sometimes the gift is wrapped so beautifully that I don’t even want to open it – I could sit for hours just enjoying it.  When I give a gift, I take time to wrap it too!  I feel good on the inside and I feel happy that I can add joy to someone else’s life by giving a gift.

I believe that gift giving is an act of altruism – an unselfish concern for the well-being of others.  When we give without expecting anything, we are also improving our psychological health.  Giving presents to others is a way to express our love and reinforce appreciation and acknowledgement of each other.  

festive Christmas present

Cheers to wrapping presents!  Christmas time is perfect for wrapping gifts and giving gifts to our loved ones as well as people we want to reach out to.  It’s not about the money or the effort it takes… it is all about the thought of reaching out,  anticipation, appreciation and creating good feelings.

present - biscotti

I recently asked a friend what kind of gift she would like wrapped and she said, “If you give me a roll of money unwrapped – I would be just as excited without the wrapping!”

Imagine me giving you all the money you need to buy those lovely gifts and wrapping them all beautifully for your loved ones.


 LookGood!!! FeelGood!!! by making others feel extra special with special gift wrapping all year round!




2 thoughts on “Wrapping gifts… Does the wrapping matter?

  1. What a lovely reminder of how wonderful the ritual of gift giving is. It reminds me of the saying that “it is better to give than to receive.” However, there is something very special for both the giver and the recipient when we give a gift and receive it — especially if it is wrapped. The anticipation of what is inside a wrapped gift is all part of the feeling of being cared for and cherished by whoever gives the gift.

    • Marilyn, I want to thank you for your love and support throughout 2012! Thank you for making the time to comment on my blogs. Spending those wonderful moments with you yesterday were beautiful! Thank you for the beutifully wrapped gift – you are so thoughtful. Best wishes for 2013 and look forward to sharing more and more moments with you. Love, Magdalene

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